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Proyecto de investigación


Fellowship available for research into the History of Sexualities and Modernities
The South-South Exchange Programme for Research on the History of Development (SEPHIS) is currently running a research project on ‘Sexualities and Modernities’ sponsored by the FORD Foundation. The objective of this programme is to allow researchers to gain a deeper historical and comparative understanding of the complex interplay between cultural contexts and the politics of sex- and gender-based claims of identity. Dissemination to advocacy groups and into the public sphere is an essential part of this endeavor.

As part of this project SEPHIS has already offered several fellowships to candidates at the post-doctoral, PhD and MA level to research any area to do with the history of sexualities in the South. In addition to this four more scholarships will be offered from January 2009 onwards. Funding of up to $10, 000 is available to the successful applicant who will have 12 months (until December 2009) to complete a substantial written research report as well as an academic article of around 10.000 words. The latter will be published as part of a collection of articles. Contributions should be received by 10th December 2009. The successful applicant will be required to attend a week-long research workshop in March 2009, to be held at a venue in the South.

The applicant will be expected to present and discuss his or her progress with fellow researchers from other countries in the Global South, all to encourage the formation of a South-South network on the history of sexualities, and in keeping with the networking aims of SEPHIS. Throughout the project, the candidate will be expected to submit short, four-monthly reports on his or her progress.

Eligibility: Applicants should be based in the South and have a Masters degree preferably in History or the Social Sciences. Those who have already conducted research as part of the MSc/MA requirement or completed fieldwork for a PhD on relevant issues are especially encouraged to apply. Proposals based on any of the following crosscutting themes will be given special attention:

- Masculinity, Sexuality and Modernity
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the Social Construction of Illness and Identity Politics
- Youth, Sexual Health Education, and Constructions of Religiosity
- Sexuality, Nationalism/ State Politics, and Gender Identity Constructions
- Constructions of ‘Heteronormativity’ , Modernity and the Post-colonial Context

Applicants should fill up the attached application form (page 3) along with:
a) a letter of recommendation from a thesis supervisor
b) a sample of written work, attesting to the applicant’s ability to write and finish an assignment (this may be an essay or an article or the MA thesis)

The deadline for applications is 10 December 2008.

Applications should be emailed to:

Imtiaz Saikh
Coordinator Sexualities Programme
simtiaz00@gmail. com

International Institute of Social History
Cruquiusweg 31
1019 AT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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